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Agent Resources

Aggressive Compensation Plan

We offer a very aggressive compensation plan. At Family First Life we believe that everybody should be paid what they are worth. Our comp plan goes to 145%, well above the industry average.

Free Agent Training

The sales training provided at Family First is very structured and places all our agents in a position to become successful. We have an agent hub and resource center that teaches you everything you need to know!

3 Types of Income

1) Direct Sale Commissions- earned from the policies you sell

2) Agency Overrides- if you start an agency with FFL you will receive an override when an agent sells a policy

3) Renewal Commissions- Your renewals are vested day one

Innovative Lead Programs

The lead program that we have allows all agents to have qualified mortgage, final expense, and annuity leads. We do not believe in cold calling to generate sales. We work with a number of different vendors to generate leads

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our innovative tracking system uploads agents’ leads into our CRM system as soon as they come in. This allows the agent to keep leads organized and access a variety of new leads in real-time.

Top Carriers

We put our clients first by offering multiple options for coverage through several top carriers. This allows our agents to find the right carrier and product based on the client's wants and needs.

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